Is sailing for YOU?

No matter where we go by the coast, we always end up in a harbor! Do you? Then you’re on the right track!

Exploring harbors in Norway
We just can’t stay away from harbors and boats! Verldens Ende (The End of the World), Norway

Exciting, realxing, rewarding, and challenging, you learn new things every day living on boat!

Enjoying coconuts that we picked on the beach!
When the fish BITES!! Atlantic crossing excitment!
Scuba adventures! Isn’t this a huge barrel coral?!
Maintaining the bottom of the boat is a science, and man is it hard work!

The Sailing Dream…

It started off for us, just like for everyone else, as that dream in the future: wouldn’t it be cool to sail around the world on our own boat?

To step out the door, close it behind you and move onto a boat!

How do we get there???

Well, you’ve got to do alot of sailing, looking at boats, and SAVING!


Getting experience sailing the monohull named Jackamy in the Mediterranean sea, several summers in a row.
Family sailboat excursions in the Swedish Stockholm archipelago!
Sailing Jackamy in through cities, national parks, along coastline and on crossings! Here we sailed right into Lisabon, Portugal. And yes, this bridge was designed by the same designer as the San Francisco bridge in the USA!

Looking at Boats

Test sailing and bidding on several different catamarans over the years…Leopards were always our favorites!


Home office at the dining room table, for one whole year during the pandemic!
Working from home with the dream hanging in the window! That’s some powerful motivation!